GSX 1100 ES swingarm

Suzuki GSX 1100es CUSTOM SWINGARM Tis project was part of a graduation assignment of Tom Schalkwijk from the TU-Delft. Tom did his graduation project for his Industrial Design Engineering Masters [...]

CBX 1000 swingarm

HOnda cbx 1000 swingarm CUSTOM SWINGARM Our special CBX project had quite some challenges. Our client wanted to have both in the rear as the front a single side mounted wheel. This was quite a [...]

CBR 600 swingarm

Honda CBR 600 f2 Swingarm CUSTOM SWINGARM The CBR is a very nice bike but it doesn’t have the desired looks of todays standards. Espacially the original swingarm, which is just a [...]

BMW R100 RT swingarm

BMW R100 RT CUSTOM SWINGARM We wanted to do something different with the very popular BMW r-series. A big rear tyre and a funny front end. To make sure everthing can be lined up properly we had [...]

Buell Swingarm

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