For this custom a not really common donor was used…the Yamaha XJ900. With its shaft drive and its touring roots it was ideal to make a bike that can be used for traveling. The donor bike was in rough shape and needed quit some love to shine again.

Design concept

The idea was to rebuild the old Yamaha as a “scrambler”. A bike that has an tough appearance but is easy to drive, also for longer period.

Special features

Modified frame

The original frame was first of all chopped and stripped of all unnecessary parts. Furthermore the rear frame was modified to make room for a custom duo seat.


Scrambler look

Ito achieve the desired tough look studded tyres were placed on the original wheels. Together with the small gas tank and the new seat the scrambler look was completed.



In stead of the original 267mm discs,  massive 298mm discs of a R1 were placed. in combination with the 4 piston Nissin calipers this provides more than enough stopping power.


Front and rear suspension

The front fork is replaced by an upside down fork of a gsxr 750, which is completely rebuild. The rear got new YSS shocks, which makes sure this bike handles as it should.

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