Honda's icon from the 90's. With a wimoto makeover

CBR 600F2

Caferacer kit starting at 5959,-

High Quality

Upgrade your bike with our high quality caferacer kit.

Custom swingarm

Custom swingarm, for high-end looks, amazing stability and perfect handling

be ready to feel

Next-Level handling

up to 40 Hours of Battery

Stay connected as long as you want with rapid charge and activity control


Swipe, move, and speak fast and easily with comfortable touch controls

quality sound and tone

Amazing sound and beats. A new sound experience you never had before


Take a break from your surroundings and dive deep into powerful, clear music


Perfect, sleek, and modern headphone design that will suit your spirit and vibe

lightweight materials

Move and dance with these lightweight headphones and enjoy every moment

New arrival - Limited edition

The power of the rhythm

VIBREL V3 PRO offers you state-of-the-art sound technology with complete rhythm control. The headphone’s structure will enhance the way you hear and feel the music, with no boundaries.

Only $239

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making you feel good

“The headphones have an amazing new design and are very comfortable. Noise-canceling at his best. The best headphone VIBREL ever created.”
The way you need to

Build your dream bike

New CBR 600f2 caferacer kit